MODULE 2.1: Business Ideation

Summary and objectives

The module explains classical business ideation methods and teaches the entrepreneurial edition where the “Why” is the center of the startup (Start with the WHY). The module continues through explaining how to get started with customers (early adopters) and how as well as why early adopters are the most important step in the startups first sales/going to market strategy.
The module extends through describing the most important steps in initial testing, and how the results should be gathered and used for achieving validated learning.
The module ends in suggesting and explaining additional business ideation tools (brainstorming, mind mapping, free writing and cubing).

Expected learning outcomes

  • Define their idea in the entrepreneurial way
  • Initially test their idea
  • Validate their learning


Why, how, what, the golden circle, the law of diffusion of innovation, early adopters, minimal viable product, testing, brainstorming, mind mapping, free writing cubing.

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