MODULE 1.2: Active Listening & Presentation Skills

Summary and objectives

The module explains how to get useful feedback and convert the feedback into simplifying and improving the idea, through a build-measure-learn process. Thereafter the module introduces the concept of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and explains the importance of using hypothesis in testing the idea.
The module continues through explaining ways to change the startups strategy (pivot) and defines examples of classic pivots. 
The module ends in teaching how to visually and effectively present the business idea in a pitch deck, and how to target the pitch deck and verbal pitch for the desired audience (including short definitions of classic target audiences).

Expected learning outcomes

  • Structure how they can listen actively and use the feedback effectively
  • Understand how to present their idea effectively
  • Choose what information matches their target



Build-measure-learn, test, minimal viable product, pivot, pitch, pitch deck, choose target

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