MODULE 1.3: Team Building & Conflict resolution

Summary and objectives

Being able to build and manage a successful team is a qualification necessary for every entrepreneurial effort. Businesses with an effective team building spirit increase collaboration, creativity and production. Conflict within an organization is inevitable, thus when a dispute arises, is important to negotiate and resolve the disagreement in order to facilitate the goals of the organization. Resolving conflicts, increase the sense of justice and can be a vital key for business and professional growth.

Expected learning outcomes

  • Identify barriers that prevent creativity
  • Clarify objectives and goals
  • Improve processes and procedures and improve productivity
  • Recognize a team's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Clarify levels of conflicts within different environments
  • Understand resolution strategies
  • Demonstrate resolution strategies
  • Develop communication skills


Competitive, Collaborative, Compromising, Accommodating, Avoiding, Goals, Motivation, Communication, Leadership, Behavior

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