MODULE 1.5: Strategic Planning & Management Skills

Summary and objectives

Strategic planning and management skills are basic to any startup. This module goes into an indepth description of the strategic planning process as part of the management cycle, introducing the company’s mission, vision and values, the establishment of strategic goals and objectives, de definition of an action plan in marketing, human resources, operations and finance and the process of establishing projections. At the end of the module the main management soft and hard skills are listed, as an initial stage for further reading by the student.

Expected learning outcomes

This module will allow students to:

  • Prepare a mission, vision and values statement.
  • Structure a business plan.
  • Know what management skills to work on.


Analysis, plan, planning, implementation, control, strategy, strategic, mission, mission statement, vision, company values, goals, objectives, competitive advantages, environment, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, SWOT, decisions, marketing, human resources, operations, finance, operational, financial projections, control, KPI, skills, competences.

Content Organisation