MODULE 1.6: Networking & Business Etiquette

Summary and objectives

Being able to open your startup to new contacts and knowing how to behave both in the workplace or with prospects and leads is crucial to the company culture in order to be effective and successful. This module introduces the student to emotional intelligence as part of the network and etiquettes processes, establishes the steps and most important tips to start networking and points how to follow sound business etiquette guidelines in a business environment.

Expected learning outcomes

The module will allow the student to:

  • Recognize the importance of emotional intelligence.
  • Use different types of networking.
  • Follow basic rules of business etiquette.


Business etiquette, networking, relationship, foster sales, improve, emotional intelligence, self-control, social conscience, empathy, image, lobby, benchmarking, visibility, prospects, leads, customer, social media, networking events, sponsor, conventions, mastermind groups, business card, event, behavior, manners, respect, punctual, dressing code, accepted conventions

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